Friday, June 12, 2015

Behold A Lady

Before I get started, I must curtsey to the creativity and consciousnesses of Andre 3000 of Outcast for his song, "Behold A Lady" from the Speakerboxxx/Love Below project. It is still one of my favorite songs ever! It made me wonder along with him, where are all the good girls? I noticed back in the day coming up that there was a push to be the opposite of what I was being raised to be by the "THEM", but it wasn't until I was older that I realized how much the mindset of popular culture has changed. When you look at the artwork put forth, it is more telling than any history book. If you every want to know the TRUTH about a culture, it will easier to find in their art.

Back to the subject with a question: Where My Ladies AT!?! Listening to radio today I don't hear a lot of sistahs on the R&B/Hip Hop channels. Now on the Pop side there are several, but I'm not impressed with them heifers either! What I'm saying is, I don't want to be like them...AT ALL! I do not like Green Eggs and Ham, I do not like them SAM I AM! As a grown woman, I can appreciate it for what it is at face value, a musical piece by a talented artist. So please don't think I'm hating on "THEM" from that standpoint. My haterade comes from the "Momma" side of me. We were coming home one day in the car and the ONE time I put on the local radio instead of XM radio I hear Jhene Aiko talking about "Eating my a$$ like groceries"! REALLY tho'?!?  Do I want my daughters thinking THAT is how a woman should look and behave? HELL NAW! (Can you tell my pissosity level rose to OVER 9000?!?) Yep, she got the side eye REAL QUICK!

THAT people, is why one of the reasons I stopped listening to regular radio! Now, what I would appreciate with everything that I am is that IF you know of an artist that represents the beauty, grace, and dignity of womanhood, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (in my James Brown voice) leave at least their name in the comment section below. Links would be AWESOME! We have to support are artists if we want to experience them, so post those social links, websites, SoundCloud, YouTube, WHATEVER to all the Ladies REPRESENTING!

#Deuces&Smooches #KeepRising


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Friday, May 22, 2015

Where Is The Love

I was born in the 70s. Do you know the difference between radio in the 70s and radio today? There was usually no censorship needed. But instead of harping on the overuse of profanity in popular music today, I just wanted to focus on one thing specifically...LOVE SONGS!

Let me start by restating the fact that I'm a grown ass woman! I can be freaky just like anybody else and guess what? I don't have to sneak to do it either...even though sometimes that could be fun too...j/s...Lawd I'm off track. When I was young, just a bad little kid...(Oops, "Little Shop of Horror" moment) Back in the day, I loved looking at the album covers while listening to the music my parents played. Love songs where back then evoked emotions I couldn't understand, but enjoyed feeling over and over. I guess you can say I fell in love with the idea of love early. Now there was songs I wasn't "allowed" to hear because of moaning and groaning, but there wasn't any cursing in it. The nastiest songs I remember were Instant Funk - I Got My Mind Made Up and The Chakachas - Jungle Fever

Actually, I found out MUCH later in life that "Jungle Fever" was banned on a few radio stations, but could you imagine the Program Directors back then listening to Fat Joe feat. Chris Brown - Another Round? Which, by the way, pissed me off cause I love me some Troop! The point is, if you want to convince me to get naked, risk getting an STD or pregnant, you could AT LEAST refrain from calling me a Bell Itching To Catch Hell! I don't care if I'm the baddest one in your book! Where is LOVE?!? Did it die in the 90s?

Hollaback and Keep Rising. Deuces & Smooches